Look What We Found: Clipa Handbag Hooks (And They’re Only $19 Each!)

A couple of years ago I was sent a purse hook to try out. (You know, those “L” shaped hooks that attach to a bar or table that you can hang your purse on instead of putting it on the floor.) At the time, I wasn’t too excited about it so I never used it. But recently, I began to notice that there were a lot of occasions in which I needed one. So I popped it in my bag and tried it out a few times. It worked okay but not great. There were too many times when it wasn’t wide enough to fit on the table or bar ledge. Then, one fateful day, my husband was trying to make it fit on a bar ledge and it broke. At that point, I was over it. That is, until I received a Clipa in the mail. Two, in fact – one gold, one silver. The Clipa reps said that they could be worn as bracelets so I put them on and asked my friends what they thought of my new accessories. Guess what? They liked them! When I revealed that they were really purse hooks I got “oohs” and “aahs” galore. So, I had established that they looked good, had a dual purpose, and were convenient (they can also be hung on a handbag for a little extra decor) but would they fit on most bars and tables and would they be able to hold the ridiculous amount of weight that is my purse? Well, I tested it out over the weekend and I am happy to report that the answer to both those questions is yes. I now and forever will keep them in or on my handbag and I’m sure they will come in handy frequently. They come in a variety of colors/finishes from white to iridescent to hematite, and are a bargain at only $19.99 each.


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