V.O.D., Jane Aldridge, and Free Cocktails, Oh My!

We take pride in feeling like we discovered the lovely, talented, and (super) young Jane Aldridge first. Don’t know her? You’re one of the last. It’s okay, though, you can catch up here. Once you have, you’ll know that you can’t wait to see her and her mom at V.O.D. today. Rachel reports:

Take a detour on your way home from work today and stop by V.O.D. in Victory Park. You won’t want to miss this trunk show given by Atlantis Home and Sea of Shoes (yes, as in Jane Aldridge). Grab a free cocktail and peruse through their collection of  ’70s and ’80s bold statement jewelry and belts. (Like the pieces pictured left.) They will be there from 6 pm to 9 pm, so stop by anytime!

And read about the new jacket fashioned by the fashionable duo here.