Look What We Found: Rodarte for Target on Sale

I spent my lunch hour doing one of my favorite things – perusing the entire Target store on Haskell. And to my great joy, I happened upon an entire sale rack of Rodarte for Target pieces at 30-50% off! There were quite of few of this black lace dress for $22.48 as well as the pink skirt to the left of it. Didn’t get the price on that – sorry. My excitement must have clouded my journalistic sensibilities. But how about this adorable Rodarte bikini? There’s just a few left of those so if you want one I’d suggest heading over there right now. Several of the leopard print hoodies were also available for $20.98 and I bought a tee with the same print on it as the bikini for $7.48. The rack is near the back wall at the beginning of the women’s clothing department just inside the main doors. You better git while the gittin’s good!


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