Fifty Percent Off Mama Mio on The Fairest

Mama Mio's Bootcamp for TummiesHaven’t heard of The Fairest? It’s like a Gilt Group or Rue La La, if you will, for beauty. Haven’t heard of Mama Mio? That’s even sadder! I present to you, then, Mama Mio, a line we love. (Can you tell by our multiple blog posts?) The special line, sold here at the Ritz-Carlton spa, was created with moms-to-be and post-preggers ladies in mind, but the goods are great for all. We had a recent mix-up on a Friday Giveaway, and we wound up with two winners, one of whom had a baby on board. We talked to the wonderful Mama Mio people, who agreed to send us a Bootcamp for Tummies for mommy and one for us to test. Here’s our review: love it! Bootcamp for Tummies comes with a skin-tightening serum called Tummy Toner, Get Waisted, a “slimming potion,” and a four-minute exercise program by Julie Tupler. Apply the creams, do the easy exercises, and you’ll see and feel a difference. Honestly. I tested this out before the holidays, and I really felt and looked tighter around the middle. (Sadly, I let it all go over Christmas, so I’ll have to start over, but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you give it a try.) The exercises center on Tupler’s method for fixing diastasis, which is when the ab muscles separate. Her method brings the abs back in, like a corset. See picture after the jump. Sadly, this kit isn’t available on The Fairest, but Get Waisted is, along with The Smoothie kit for softening baby bellies (I smell a baby shower gift!), OMega Wonder-Full Balm for everything from dry lips to rough heels, and OMega Shower Cream, all of which you’ll find for 50 percent off the original price. Log in (or sign up) to shop now. You’ve got about two days left to take advantage of this sale.



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