Shop Fresh and Get More Than You Pay For

1106-give-indulgenceIt’s not difficult to spend money at Fresh. And I never feel guilty doing it either because their products are tres magnifique. From the delicious scents to the quality ingredients, Fresh takes their products seriously – and so do I. You may remember my post about Fresh’s soap from a while back. And in a more recent blog I revealed my love affair with their lip balm. So as you can see, I’m a big fan. And if you’re not it’s probably just because you haven’t tried it yet. Now is your chance. Starting tomorrow and continuing through December 17th, you can buy a holiday gift and get something extra for yourself for free. Spend $45 and receive a complimentary Soy Face Cleanser To-Go. A $75 purchase will get you the Soy Face Cleanser To-Go and a Sugar Blossom Hand Treatment To-Go, and with a $125 purchase you’ll go home with the Soy Face Cleanser To-Go, a Sugar Blossom Hand Treatment To-Go and an Oval Soap. Don’t you just love holiday shopping?


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