Jonathan Adler at Nest

jonathan_picNest in Snider Plaza was packed last night with people to meed the uber design talent Jonathan Adler and get a copy of his new book.  My friend Donald Fowler was his usual chic and charming self, and made sure everyone felt special and welcomed.   I got a chance to visit with JA – funny, and just a little irreverant.  Always a good combination.  So how did he become one of the best known names in home decor?  Studied ceramics at RISD, and just kept making pots because he didn’t want to have a real job.  Barney’s buyer Simon Doonan discovered Jonathan and his pottery and the rest is tabletop history.  His new signature color?  Turquoise, it makes him happy, and the needlepoint backgammon board is this season’s must have.  Next in line is Jonathan Adler for kids – so the little tykes can be hip too.  I intend to be one of his first clients.


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