Free Services at Uptown’s New Planet Beach Spa

planet beachSo what’s the catch? There isn’t one! Planet Beach opens next Tuesday, December 8 at the Quadrangle and they are offering complimentary services through Saturday the 12th. The spa presents a new concept in which most treatments like Hydro-Massage, Hydro-Derma Fusion, Infrared Sauna, Luminous Facial, and UV & UV-Free Therapy are self-automated (which basically means self-serve). And they offer memberships so clients can just come and go as they please. Confused? Check out the video on their web site and it will all become clear. If you still aren’t sure about it after that, make an appointment (214-468-9008) or just walk in sometime next week to test it out. They’re currently offering discounted monthly memberships for $69 (regular price is $99). I’ll be heading to Planet Beach soon and will report back but if you happen to check it out before that let us know what you think by commenting on this blog.


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