Skinny Bitch Author at The Joule for Vegan Desserts and Book Signing

Skinny BitchIn honor of the launch of her website, Kim Barnouin, New York Times bestselling author New York Times of Skinny Bitch, will host a happy hour celebration downtown with vegan desserts and organic wine. If you haven’t checked out yet, it’s a straight-forward healthy living advice blog without the sugar coating and with a dollop of fun sarcasm. To toast to the author behind it all, head to The Joule Nov. 4 from 6 pm to 8 pm. 1530 Main St. 214-748-1300. To attend, RSVP to [email protected].


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  • The website doesn’t seem to be working

  • Raya Ramsey

    That’s because I spelled “healthy” in the URL with an extra “l.” I’ll fix that. The first link should be working.

  • Laura Byrom

    The two ladies that wrote that book are hilarious!!

  • Consuelo

    I love this book! Had me vegan for a while, but is DEFINATELY the reason I am now vegetarian! Thanks for filling me in on their new web launch!

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