Hand Cream Award: Golden Gloves

Golden Gloves hand cream by Billy JealousyI have a new hand cream crush. Now, I call it a “crush” because my infatuation with a hand cream is almost always temporary. I rarely find one to which I feel I can make a long-term commitment. And I think we’re all looking for the same thing in a hand cream, right? Super hydrating. Not greasy. Clean scent. So here’s a winner: Golden Gloves by Billy Jealousy, a men’s beauty line. Or, because men hate thinking they’re involved with any sort of beauty product, we’ll say “grooming line.” The scent is subtle, the formula moisturizing, and there’s no greasy aftermath. Places to purchase are plentiful, including but not limited to Barneys, Face Salon, ZaSpa, and Nordstrom at NorthPark. For more, go here.


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