Get a One-Hour Foot Massage for $30 at Happy Feet Massage Center

My BFF was in town this week end and as my partner in crime, she offered to join me in trying out a new place I had heard about in Richardson called Happy Feet. Rumor had it that this small, family-owned massage parlor offered sixty minute foot massages for only $30.  Fortunately, they’re open seven days a week (from 10am – midnight), so when I called Sunday morning to make an appointment for that afternoon they had no problem fitting us in. When we arrived at 220 N. Greenville Ave. (just north of Main St.) we were a little leery of the tiny, nondescript building in front of us. We were looking for a place called Happy Feet but the sign said “Foot Joy” instead. Figuring it was the same thing (and we were right) we ventured through the front door. Once inside, we were greeted warmly by the staff and led to a dimly lit room with cushy recliners lined up  in two rows of four. We were instructed to sit down, lay back and relax as the masseurs began to work on our feet. What came next was 45 minutes of pure bliss as they kneaded, squeezed, rubbed and stretched our feet and lower legs. The last 15 minutes were spent fully-clothed on massage tables as our heads, necks, backs, shoulders and legs were massaged. And yes, the cost was only $30 (to which we each added a 20% tip). What a deal! I already made an appointment for myself and my husband for later this week. I am definitely a fan. One last thing – a warning to those of you who like soft, light massages – be sure to inform them of this when you arrive. They use their knuckles and elbows and knees (which I LOVE) but if you want something softer you’ll have to let them know. These are serious, strong massages. To make an appointment call 972-480-8177.


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