Cushion Your Tootsies With Insolia High Heel Inserts

inIf you knew a world-renowned podiatrist and an MIT rocket scientist had designed high heel inserts would you try them? And what if said design had received the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association? Would that make you want to try them even more? I don’t know about you but I think they sound like something we heel addicts shouldn’t live without. The inserts, called Insolia, are the “only high heel insoles that are proven to shift weight.” And what does that do? Well, in simple terms, it allows us to wear our gorgeous shoes longer and more comfortably.

*UPDATE: The kind folks at Insolia are offering ShopTalk readers 15% off their Insolia purchases. Just enter “shoptalk” as your coupon code.

You see, when we walk in our heels we’re taking unnatural toe-to-heel steps which places added pressure on the balls of our feet and causes our body to be out of balance. Insolia reverses this and shifts the weight back so we walk in the natural heel-to-toe stride. I tried a pair in my 3″ booties on my last trip to New York (where I normally walk too much to wear heels at all) and honestly, my feet hurt much less at the end of the day than I thought they would. And testing them on the crowded, uneven, (and that week end) rainy streets of NYC is probably more than was necessary. So I can only imagine how they can help Dallas girls who usually only have to walk from the car to the office, the car to the mall and the car to the bar (you know it’s true – and there’s nothing wrong with it!). At only $19.95 per pair it’s definitely worth giving them a try.


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