Tomorrow Night: $500 Gift Bag

Girl On TopAt least, that’s what they’re saying. Don’t forget the Nicole William’s Girl On Top event at The Limited at NorthPark. If you can’t make Wednesday night’s event, there’s another one on Thursday at The Limited Galleria. If you RSVP, you’ll partake in schmoozing with the other Dallas ladies that have come to participate, free Girl On Top cocktails for three hours, career advice from author of Girl On Top, Nicole Williams, and a 40 percent discount off The Limited’s new business wear. (Yes, yes, and the gift bag.) Both nights run from 6 pm to 9 pm. RSVP here and enter D Magazine in the “How did you hear about GOT?” field. We’ll see you there.

*Update: I was just told gift bags are first-come, first served basis.


  • Ashley Lindsey

    Can’t wait!

  • Heather

    $500 gift bag, my rear! MAYBE $50. It came with a make-up bag valued at $20, a bottle of lotion, a copy of Elle, and 2 maxi pads. And the drinks only lasted maybe one hour, not three. Oh well, I had nothing better to do on my Wednesday night.

  • adj

    I was there also. I think $50 value for the gift bag is about $20 too high!! Major letdown after all the hype!

  • SocialGirl1

    That event was terrible. The $500 gift bag, oh please. NO WAY. Box wine. OH and the morning-after-pill and maxi pads inside the gift bag so tacky.

  • Carolyne

    How tacky and what a scam!! The morning after pill for a goody bag and maxi pads!! What a disappointment!! The goody bag was worth about $20! All it had was 20% off to the Limited, 10% off for chocolates that I’ve never heard of, advertisements for cheap box wine, moisturizer, and a handbag that’s from the Limited. If they are trying to change their image and the look by bringing in their new designer, then they should have never given away this plastic snake makeup bag.

  • elena34

    It was a good event,but the whole bag thing was indeed a scam. Why bother?

  • Raya Ramsey

    I’ll admit the gift bag didn’t look like $500. Aside from that, though, there was a little handbag, lotion, and eye makeup compact, and it was absolutely FREE. Come on, guys, that’s not so bad. The wine did run out, which was a bummer, but, I mean, free drinks for even an hour is a good thing. And to be able to take 40 percent off at The Limited, I thought, was a great gift, plus Nicole Williams really is great. I hope that at least the shopping, gelato, words of wisdom, and maybe a glass of wine or two was worth the trip to the mall on a Wednesday night. I must say, for me, it beats sitting on the couch, eating pizza, clearing out my DVR. A morning-after pill, though? I didn’t get a gift bag, so I didn’t see that. What’s that all about? Maxi pads, definitely weird.

  • Carolyne

    It’s the false advertising that was given out to get people to this event. That was a scam! The 40% off at the Limited was great. The girls that were handing out the free gift bags new this was going to happen. My girlfriend overheard them talking. Bottom line was, they should have not lied!

  • adj

    After I RSVP’d, the PR person for this event sent me an email asking me to invite all my friends to this “great” event and post a notice on Facebook, and in return, I would receive a free copy of the book. I invited my friends, enthusiastically telling them about the $500 gift bag, etc. I was so ashamed afterwards that I coerced them into attending.

  • Heather

    Ha! I didn’t get a morning after pill in my bag, but I did get a laugh at the maxi pads. The experience (including the bag) was definitely worth a trip to the mall on a boring Wednesday night, but I wish the hype wouldn’t have been so big. I was kind of glad that some of the girls I invited couldn’t make it. 🙁

  • Heather

    BTW – did anyone else notice that the stinky lotion expires in January?!

  • Jillian

    You guys are being totally ridiculous…I talked to the girls about the wine while I was there, and though yes its in a “tetra pack” you save like 60% of your carbon footprint drinking it that way instead of the bottle. The talk and fashion show was awesome, the book is great and we got to meet Nicole Williams. The bags didnt have the pill in it–when you open it up it is actually a totally useful kit for emergencies that every girl should keep in her bag (bandaids, sewing kit, tylenol, etc–the cream is awesome, discount back to the limited is great for holiday shopping, if you haven’t heard of Vosges chocolates they are delicious!

    All in all, a great event and lets be honest nothing comes to Dallas–Im just glad they even came and I hope they do this again!

  • Jillian

    one more thing…I think if you add up all of the discounts, that cream that is like 80 bucks, and all you can see that its really expensive… I know some people that went to the Miami event and the bag had a ton of more things in it but whatever you can only plan so far–I throw events all the time and I know what its like to run out.