Sale at NorthPark’s Intimacy – Perhaps the Greatest Bra Store Ever

collections_44Several of the D staffers recently attended the opening of the bra specialty store, Intimacy and wow, were we blown away. Most bra stores/departments carry a limited amount of sizes (American sizing) but Intimacy carries mostly European lines which have almost double the amount of sizes. We all came out of there not only feeling bra-educated but with bras that actually fit perfectly. One of the unique things about this store is that they offer free fittings with one of their specialists (make an appointment through their web site). You get your own private dressing room and one of the specialists goes out into the store to pick bras she thinks will work for you. You then proceed to try them on (yes, in front of her but don’t be shy – they do this all day and I’m sure they have seen more breasts than most men) and discuss why each one works or doesn’t work. In the end, you’ll have a new (and improved) bra size. The bras probably cost more than you are used to paying (average is probably around $100) but the folks at Intimacy believe they should last you a couple of years. Plus, they do free alterations. Several of us were told we should be wearing a size 30 but most bras don’t come in that size so Intimacy altered them at no charge. They will continue to do any alternations for the life of the bra. If the elastic gets stretched out no prob. Just bring it in and they’ll fix it. And no need to dig up the old receipt. They keep track of what you buy so as long as they can find the bra in your file they’ll take care of it for you. Note: Some of the bras may be itchy at first but that’s because they were treated with a coating of some sort. Just wash them and they should be fine.

So now the best news of all – Intimacy is having a huge sale starting today and lasting only two weeks (ends November 1). Bras will be 40-70% off, panties 60-80% off and sleepwear 50-70% off. Shop early for the best selection. You MUST give this store a try. It could change your life – seriously.


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