Italian Touch by Donata Sortorio

Tod's - ItalianTouchImage[1]I’m new to Mad Men, and like any convert, I’m obsessed. I have Mad Men outfits. I pretend I’m going to Ossining, New York, when I’m taking DART to Mockingbird Station. And I desperately want to copy Betty Draper by going to Italy, piling my hair up in a very, very, very high beehive, and kissing my husband Don Draper. In the meantime, I am making due with this gorgeous bookItalian Touch by Donata Sortorio. This gorgeous book almost makes me forget all about the fractious families on Mad Men for a moment or two and instead focus on gorgeous and stylish Italian families and how they live. How do they get away with looking this good in casual clothes? Seriously, do you know how absurd my family would look if we tried to pull off this off? Sigh. Go get the book now.


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