Local Shirtmaker, Carissa Rose Makes Life Better For the Well-Endowed

bratiqueDear Well-Endowed ShopTalkers,

Are you tired of popping buttons on blouses? Sick of shirts spreading apart between the buttons and pulling across the front? Have you had enough of buying shirts to fit your bosom only to find the rest of the garment is ten sizes too big? Do you never again want to wear a v-neck top because they make you look like a hooker due to the fact that there just isn’t enough material to cover “the girls?” Yep, me too. Thank goodness the folks at Carissa Rose contacted me of all people. I was the perfect test subject for their blouses and dresses made to fit the well-endowed. The frocks are made in five different sizes ranging from small/well-endowed to large/really-endowed to extra large/well-endowed so wherever you are on the spectrum there is surely one for you. (Don’t miss the measuring instructions on their web site to help you figure out the perfect size.)

When the samples were delivered to the office I couldn’t wait to try one on so I slipped the bell-sleeved tunic over my clothes. I was stunned. Even with a dress underneath, it was absolutely the best-fitting shirt I had ever worn. In fact, it was so flattering that I ran around the office modeling it for my co-workers (who readily agreed). I felt like a million bucks (despite the fact that it looked completely ridiculous over my dress). And because it fit so well my waist was defined which made me look, and feel, slimmer. And who doesn’t want that?

So click the link above and check them out for yourself. I think this is going to be the start of a beautiful relationship…


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