Fashion Flashback: Little Darlings

kostelnygirlslaura11Once upon a time, there were two adorable children–the Kostelny sisters–whose hobbies included performing scenes from Star Wars, pursuing dreams of becoming professional roller skaters (figure not speed), and dressing alike. Then they moved to Saudi Arabia. When they moved back a few years later–to the thriving metropolis that is Beaumont, Texas–they were the biggest outcasts in the world. Oh. And they were in junior high. With cruel junior high kids.  In Beaumont, Texas. So, their mother decided to make things worse by enrolling them in a “charm school,” where the girls learned important lessons such as how to get in and out of a limousine, how to eat soup, and how to “mannequin” model. (They are the two beauties who are  doing the c-3PO and the collar grab.)  You know, like you do, when you’re a lady. And although the setting looks like a prison, it’s actually a room in a school. God. It’s a wonder those poor nerdy Kostelny misfits made it through the horrible, unkind 1980s. The end.


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