Ever Wondered What You’d Look Like with a Few Nips and Tucks? Now You Can Find Out. In Two Minutes—Right Now.

New Beauty makeover toolI’m not sure if this tool is brilliant or terrifying. It’s basically an Extreme Makeover online tool from New Beauty magazine. (Is that show on anymore?) Upload your “before” face. Choose the surgeries you want. A little Botox for your wrinkles? A nose job? A little lip plumping, perhaps? Hell, even take a handful of pounds off your punim. Then decide whether or not you like the “after” you. What you do from there is up to you. Opinions on this tool, ShopTalkers? Fun or frightening?


  • Gigi

    That’s pretty cool!

  • It’s a cool marketing tool to promote people to get cosmetic procedures (because that’s what New Beauty is all about) but in the case of the before and after, it just looks like they airbrushed her face. Unfortunately, cosmetic procedures won’t make her look as natural as this.