• notreally

    We drove through and did NOT get $100 worth of merchandise. We received a $25 gift certificate and a couple of one-time use samples in ketchup packets. Were they really passing out samples such as shown in the picture?

  • Raya Ramsey

    Sorry if the gift bag was a disappointment. We were certainly not trying to mislead you! We weren’t able to make it today, but hopefully the samples are still great! If you have the money to spend, use your $25 toward a treatment or a product. Both are usually great.

  • notreally

    We still love you, Raya! Thanks for the tip. At least we can have one night of fabulous skin.

  • JB

    I went to the One Arts Plaza location – they had so many people drive up – they ran out of bags early (before lunch). I was told they created new ones so they could extend the drive up promotion, but they were not able to make them as substantial as the original ones. Either way – free is free! I was excited to get the gift cert for products and services and some travel sized samples.

  • Hi all!
    Thank you for coming by!
    Yes, we did give out 1 oz jars of product like in the picture as well as a pink cookie and other stuff. The promotion was “while supplies lasted” and the supplies didn’t last very long! We had an amazing response…there was a line of cars waiting 30 mins before it started. Trust me when I say we were frantically putting together more stuff just so we could give out something instead of nothing all the way until 2:00. But didn’t the nice, good looking guy who delivered it to your car window add some value? 🙂

  • Lauren N. P.

    loved your drive up event yesterday. went by the plano spa, pulled up curb side, got greeted by a male hottie, and got a gift bag of cool stuff. cant wait to use my 2 gift certs. to stock up on more products. THANKS RENEE, for making my ho hum day a little more special. you rock.