Alcone Make-Off Makeup Removers…Love Them!

Alcone Make-offA while back, Kristin launched her makeup remover experiment. Here’s one to add to the bunch: Alcone Make-Off makeup remover cloths. Here’s why they’re great: They come in individually wrapped packages, so they’re perfect for throwing in your bag and on-the-go. I’m keeping one at my desk for after-work workouts (if I ever actually do it), one in my purse, and one in my gym bag (which is collecting dust). The super soft cloths are wet, but not oily, so they feel more than a cleanser than a greasy eye makeup remover. You don’t have to rinse afterward, but you won’t want to anyway; you won’t feel leftover residue. They’re made by Alcone, which serves professional makeup artists, so you know you’re getting the best, and these babies are pretty cheap. Options include $6 for 12, $22 for 50, or even $200 for 500. Go here to buy.


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