Shannon Wynne + Lower Oak Lawn = Meddlesome Moth

It’s really happening – Michael Ablon promised three restaurants in the Design District,( or what he likes to call Lower Oak Lawn), last spring.  I was pretty wowed by his ambitious promise for three restaurants when it’s been pretty hard to convince any local restauraneur to open in a week day only locale like the Design Center is, but Shannon Wynne has taken the plunge and is opening the Meddlesome Moth (crazy name) next spring.  In the Dallas News article he admits he may be crazy, but a) Ablon seems to get things done, b) there are really aparments right next door, and  c) designers and showroom people are notoriously fond of drinking and eating.  Plus, the old Ann Sacks place is really cool with all the mosaic and tile displays still inlaid in the floor.  Does it worry anyone that the Moth doesn’t end in O?


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