Project Runway, Episode 1: Dallas Designers are Safe

Louise Black's two-toned Dress

Speaking of party dresses. The first episode of Project Runway’s sixth season aired last night on Lifetime (finally!). Dallas-based designers and Project Runway contestants, Louise Black and Shirin Askari (whom we profiled in the current issue of D), are off to a good start after the first challenge, a red-carpet look. Neither of them designed anything jaw-dropping, but I thought both girls represented our fine city quite well and created some very wearable and pretty dresses. Did any of you watch…what did you think? If you missed it or want to see additional comments and sketches from the designers, go here.


  • I wasnt amazed at all by the first episode of PR!!!. I was more annoyed cause i felt the talent was mediocre and I rather them do a whole season of PR all star. The all star episode was way better. I truly hope the two young ladies from dallas do something I am proud of.