Loyd – Paxton’s Royal Throne

cloisonne-chairHey I’m back with the good stuff.  Well, it’s not blue eyeshadow or purple lipstick, but I bet this chair got your attention.  We here at DHome love us some chairs.  We might even be obsessed – the September issue is full of all the things that chairs can be – flowers, birds, and bouquets because it is so last century to just think of chairs as a place to sit.  Not that you would sit on this – unless you were the Last Emperor in China in the Qing Dynasty, 19th century.  This is all that remains of a room completely panelled in cloisonne.  And count on our local antique royalty, Loyd and Paxton to have possession of such a treasure.  Ha, and we thought that we here in Dallas wrote the book on conspicuous consumption and over the top furnishings.


  • DLP

    It does kind of match the blue eyeshadow….

  • peggy levinson

    We’re so glad you noticed!