D‘s September Issue Is Bursting at the Seams With Dallas Fashion and Beauty News

ultravioletMy spa travel story in the September issue of D is not the only beauty-related item in that magazine. The issue is actually chock-full of girlie goodness. Lucky for you, I put together a rundown of all the fashion and beauty fabulousness. Happy clicking!

1. Stephanie Quadri has the scoop on must-have fall fashion.

2. Sarah Eveans, Allison Hatfield, Tim Rogers, and I bring you the 11 Dallas Style Setters You Need To Know.

3. Laura Kostelny wants you to look beautiful at any age.

4. The D Beauty staff rounded up the latest and greatest Dallas beauty news.

5. Raya Ramsey knows purple is fall’s signature color, and she’s found the products to prove it.

(Photo by Maxine Helfman)


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