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  • JK

    Brilliance, as always! I genuinely thank you for saving me 2 hours of my life each week! I no longer watch the show and just read your updates. 🙂

  • Hannah

    Really getting tired of Jillian’s poor grammar. Every week we get treated to a “Him and I…” statement (or two). I wish the producers would catch those things and make her retape them.

    Off to Hawaii…

  • Carolyn

    You never cease to entertain. I love reading your recaps…they are so spot on and hilarious. I even find myself noticing the fact that her shorts were half wet (or the awful skinny jeans and flats attire, which HAS to stop) and hoping that you point out things like that.

    That bird has no foot…genius. Best line ever.

  • LC

    Seriously so funny! I almost look forward to the recaps more than the show! Nice work.

  • Stephanie

    Best recap EVER! Hilarious and pure genius because it’s all so true.

  • Stacey

    Awesome recap! But you missed the part at the rose ceremony where Wes says to the other guys …”unlike you guys, after I leave I’ll be back in Austin having tons of sex”. I almost stopped breathing. Couln’t believe the network would allow that comment to be aired. Hilarious! The thing that drives me crazy about her is her incessant lip licking and that GINORMOUS nose of hers. Good column, keep on writing!

  • Stacey

    By the way Miss Laura….. the last comment was from your dear old pal Stacey Lilly, yep, that’s me! So glad to see you are writing for D… congrats on landing such a super fantastic gig! Hope all is well with you!!

  • Christine Sracic

    I, too, no longer watch the shows because I can’t sit through them… but I love your recaps, Laura!

  • Poodle

    So I have decided that “that bird has no foot” is the Wes equivalent of that dog won’t hunt. it’s the right context here: wes, will you move to the moon? that dog won’t hunt. poodle, would you go on a reality tv show to find someone you could date for a few months? that bird has no foot. i think he is a terrible song writer, but he’s onto something with this new euphemism.

  • KG

    You are so funny – I just discovered your recaps – can’t wait to reread the whole season!