TV With Laura: The Bachelorette Recap Episode IX

It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times. It was a night when we saw more of Jillian than we should see at a family hour. It was an evening full of forced DTRs and awkward kissing. There were mankinis, bad suits, and leaps of faith. And most importantly, it was last night that we learned that the letters “E” and “D” aren’t merely letters used to spell “Ed.” It can stand for terrible things. Things that shouldn’t make guest appearances on network television–and never on “reality” television. Let’s chat about the dysfunction, shall we? The recap is here.


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  • KG

    That last line in your recap – That bird has no foot – was perfect. Laughing out loud at your recaps.
    They are better than the show.

  • JK

    I particularly liked the digression into the transition lens story. LOL!

  • Carolyn

    Oh my gosh you did it again. That brought the LOL’s.

  • LC

    Yes, Ed’s dads transistion lenses … awesome!

  • Liz

    You should sue Wick for mental anguish making you recap this “show.” Or at the very least the Network should give you a cut, as your recaps are sooooo much better than this farce of a relationship.

  • JM

    I have tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard about the transition lenses. You missed Ed’s underarm sniff check when Jillian went to change into her nighty. The guy was a mess that night!

  • Becka


    My husband and I were not surprised at all to Reid gone. He clearly had commitment issues and was afraid to eben say he was falling in love. Isn’t that the reason he went on the show? Punt.

    Being Canadian myself, there are big cultural differences between us and Americans. I think this is playing out behind the scenes more than we are seeing. I see a total train wreck coming.

  • Poodle

    will watch later but if there is one line that sums it all up you hit it. poor ed.

  • Neal

    I can sympathize with Ed. If I had been in his place I wouldn’t have wanted sloppy thirds. Particularly if I actually liked the girl and didn’t think of her as some sort of frat house pass-around. Kip and Reid didn’t seem to care as much about that although Reid (who was second in line) wisely got her in the tub for a rinse-off before getting down to business.

  • Sarah Eveans

    JM–I caught the sniff too! The other girls thought it was just a nose itch or something. But I know a sniff test when I see one.

  • wcm

    Love the recap.

    I was wondering why she threw Ed under the bus? You have to imagine the film crew was gone by then. What did she do? Run to the producer’s room and yell “get the cameras back up to the suite. He can’t get it up”!

    I thought “what happens in the Fantasy Suite, stays in the Fantasy Suite”.

  • Barb

    I am totally wondering about how the camera crew got back in there too – that did not make sense to me. Do they leave them alone or don’t they? If they don’t leave them alone, no wonder the poor guy couldn’t get it up.

  • Laura

    LOVED the recap. Cherished the LOL moments.

    I was hoping, before last week’s episode, that this week would show Wes entering the “shag suite” (love the name) and then Jillian creating this story to totally deflate him as a man and humiliate him as much as he has her.

    I look forward to reading next week’s recap.

  • JJ

    Best recap yet, LK! I look forward to what you have to say when I am a contestant on Reid’s (fingers crossed) season of the Bach.

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