Review: Bliss’ Fat Girl Scrub and Love Handler

bliss_fatgirlscrubandlovehandlerI love these products. Not because they work per se—although, they might. I’m not really sure. Can you ever be?—but because they feel good and smell good. I’m a Bliss addict. Anything Bliss I love. I love the moisturizers, face creams, foot scrubs, all of it. They smell clean and feel good. Same goes for the Fat Girl Scrub and Love Handler. I use the Fat Girl Scrub in the shower on my less-than-firm areas and feel the tingle from the minty salts. (The idea is that the scrub promotes circulation through massage and removes dead skin, making the surface better prepared for slimming lotions—like Fat Girl Sleep or Fat Girl Slim—afterward.) I use Love Handler, the “liquid workout for lazy abdominals,” according to Bliss folks. This lotion contains creatine and caffeine to firm your pudgy spots and burn extra fat cells. I just like the tingly sensation. But an independent study done by Bliss claims testers did see a difference in six weeks. I’ll buy that. Mostly because I’m a sucker for Bliss. Test the $36 scrub and $36 gel by checking out the products at the Bliss Spa in Dallas.


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