Design with Christie’s in Dallas

I hope you weren’t looking for your designer today around lunch time (or afterwards because the valet line was brutal)  because practically everyone I knew was at the Christie’s luncheon with Anne Igelbrink.  She is head of decorative arts and knows more about the value of antique furniture and accessories than anyone I know. I sat with David Cadwallader, also there were Sherry Hayslip, Cathy Kincaid, Mary Ann Smiley, Richard Trimble, Margaret Chambers, and others I missed.  Ms.Igelbrink had all kinds of tips about how to navigate the Christie’s website, even how to stay in your jammies and attend a live auction.  All good, and all kinds of prices.  Then the old commission question came up – 6% for sellers and a hefty 19% for buyers.  But, like all money subjects these days, negotiable.


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