Cankles! And The Ladies Who Loathe Them

cankle-illustrationThere are a couple of local connections in this Wall Street Journal story about fat ankles, such as the area surgeon who says he does 10 to 12 ankle liposuctions a year, and the Irving-based Gold’s Gym having declared July “Cankles Awareness Month.” Those two tidbits alone had already left me scratching my cankles, but then I got to the part about Preparation H. Jump for it.

“Anthony Preischel, a personal trainer at the Mid City Gym in Manhattan, has designed a homemade short-term cankles remedy that involves applying Preparation H hemorrhoid cream to the ankle and then wrapping it in an Ace bandage overnight. He says the hemorrhoid cream helps reduce extra water weight that sometimes builds up in the lower leg.”

It’s official: I’ve heard it all.


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