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  • JJ

    I LOVE ED! I love him so much, in fact, I’m even breaking up with Kiptyn for him. Sorry, Kippy.

  • Chris

    Breakdancing Mikes family was in California, not NY. And this show is very well scripted, including terrible actors.

  • Tracey

    Word on the street is Kiptyn has already signed to be the next Bachelor…

  • IconAtLast

    How did this girl go from what appeared to be a person with her head put on straight to someone who is such a Canadian loon? How can she not see thru Wes? How did the US immigration ever let her in to search for a husband. It’s the biggest reason to bar someone from entering on earth? If the producers let Wes thru to the finals, there will be hell to pay I predict.

  • Barb

    Did anyone see that Wes is coming to the House of Blues? And it’s billed as Wes From the ABC Show, The Bachelorette. So pathetic!

  • Hannah

    Ed saved the show. I predict he has long been her choice and the producers set up the Ed leavng to throw everyone off. After all, the series has a history of playing games (Jason / Molly / Melissa).

    I found the decor of Wes’ family house to be suspicious. It looked like a rented house – as if he arranged to have family in Austin because of the show.