Neulash + My Right Eye = Loooong Lashes

neulashI have to admit I was skeptical. How could brushing a little bit of liquid on my lash lines once a day make my lashes longer? And even if it was going to work, was it dangerous? I only have two eyes and I’d really like to make sure nothing happens to them. Well, after thoroughly checking out the safety of Neulash and having it deemed acceptable, I began using it. I only applied it to my right eye so an easy comparison could be made –  if it was going to work. For the first couple of weeks, nothing changed but after the third week I could see that the lashes on my Neulash eye were definitely longer. And since then, they have grown even more. Ask anyone I work with. I can’t help myself from stopping co-workers in the hall, lifting up my bangs and saying, “Look at my lashes!” Most of the time the response is, “Wow! How did you do that?” Part of me never wants to apply it to my left eye so that I can keep showing people the difference but I suppose at some point I should.

UPDATE: The fact that many of the other products similar to Neulash warn that the product will turn any eye color permanently to brown has turned a lot of people off. (Who can blame them?) So when I asked the Neulash people if they had the same problem here is what they said: “Neulash has been ophthalmologist and dermatologist safety-tested without any known adverse side effects. Neulash is a cosmetic grade product with cosmetic approved ingredients and does not contain any prescription drugs which are known to possibly affect the color of the iris when applied directly into the eye, such as glaucoma eye drops, which is not applicable in the case of Neulash.” Apparently, this stuff is great for thickening brows too but I don’t have a need for that so I didn’t try it. Unlike other “lash growers” this one does not need to be prescribed by a doctor. It can be purchased at the Ritz Carlton Spa for $150 which might seem pricy but you use so little each night that my guess is that it will last a long time, and if you have short lashes or sparse brows it will be well worth the price. Neulash is supposed to condition lashes as well. I have no proof of that except to say that mine (well, the ones on my right eye) never looked better. And before you ask me for a photo let me tell you that I took about 15 before I said “screw it.” I just couldn’t get it right. It was too hard to find a perspective that accurately showed the difference. Perhaps a professional photo shoot would help but time and money prevent that from happening at this point. So let’s leave it at this: If you see me out and about feel free to come up and ask to see my lashes. I’ll be happy to show you.


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