Milligan-Stewart Open House

stewartThe latest creation from design contractor team Milligan- Stewart is open today from 5 – 8 courtesy of Briggs Freeman’s darlings LeeLee Gioia and Ann GoyerRichard Milligan is the ultimate perfectionist contractor, so you know all the details will be just so and the finishes are going to be as smooth as a baby’s butt, and, well, it’s designed and styled by Neal Stewart.  Need I say more?  If you haven’t been in a Stewart home, you’re in for a treat.  Don’t expect it to look like Carolyn Neher’s beautiful home featured in May DHome – because Stewart is truly a design chameleon.  And, the brilliant and elusive Mr Stewart will be signing copies of the book Beautiful Homes, (proceeds going to Diffa) in which he is featured.  Since he absolutely hates this kind of publicity and attention, be sure and engage him in long conversations and gush a lot about the home.  (He’s going to hate me.)


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