Monday, June 17, 2024 Jun 17, 2024
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Get Your Glow On at Luxury on Lovers Day Spa


This afternoon I decided to spend my lunch hour getting a double glow hydrafacial at Luxury on Lovers. I’d driven by the place a million times because it’s practically in my neighborhood. And it feels like a neighborhood spa instead of a fancy, tricked-out hotel spa, thanks to its unassuming, cozy cottage location. Upstairs bedrooms are now treatment rooms, and the downstairs “living room” is where you’ll find reception and a slew of products. The double glow hydrafacial was unlike any facial I’d had, thanks to a wand that dispensed an exfoliating serum then gently sucked away the dead skin cells. Unlike microdermabrasion, which uses harsh crystals, this machine is gentle–although it did leave a tiny hickey on my neck, but I’ll just lie and say I had a good makeout session with a cute boy. After the machine treatment, I got a mild peel, and just as my skin started to tingle and heat a smidge from the peel, the aesthetician wiped it off and got out that wand again–only this time it blew cold bursts of air onto my face. It was delightful! And, yes, I’m glowing.