Friday Giveaway: Mission, Athlete-Engineered Skincare

missionI was the girl making headbands out of the daisies on the kickball field instead of watching the ball. But add a little beauty to sports, and you’ve got my attention. Enter Mission Skincare. Katie blogged about ‘em here. We’re giving ‘em away here. Send me an email for a chance to win the full set of summer-proof athletic products: Anti-Friction, a formula to help relieve effects of friction—think footwear blisters or under-the-sports-bra irritation, Foot Synergy Gel to energize feet pre-workout and relieve them post-workout, Sweatproof Sunscreen in SPF 30, Fast-Drying Sunscreen spray in SPF 30, Ultra-Soothing After-Sun Gel, Ultra-Hydrating Lip Protector Gel in SPF 20, and five athlete signature lip balm sticks in organic strawberry by Amanda Beard, pomegranate by Serena Williams, orange by Ryan Sheckler, sweet vanilla by Gretchen Bleiler, and mint, a classic Mission chapstick.

*By the way: Next week’s Friday Giveaway will take place on Thursday!

*Congratulations Lee, on winning the Mission giveaway.


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