Find Harmony at Karmany

karmanyIn the current issue of D Beauty we wrote about the new pay-what-you-can yoga studio, Karmany. In light of the current economic situation I really appreciate these folks for being willing to help us de-stress even if we’ve been laid off, given a pay cut, forced to work an extra job, etc. These are the times we need yoga the most – to help us focus on all the good things in our lives instead of  the bad. And to treat our mind and body the best we can. So let’s give them some love. If you’ve been thinking about getting into yoga, or if, like me, you got out of your normal routine (over six months ago!), Karmany is providing the opportunity to get back on track with several different classes offered all week long. Their Level I class on Wednesdays at 5:45pm is fantastic. Instructor deAnna, takes time during the class to make adjustments when our poses are off and to help us twist and bend further than we ever thought possible – all without making us curse her out in our heads! The studio is bright and airy thanks to a big picture window, and very peaceful. See you at class!


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