Dean’s Margarita Salt Glow at the Ritz-Carlton Spa. You NEED It.

deansmargaritasaltglowWe’ve written about this Texas-only treatment before, but I simply must expand because I’ve now tried it for myself. Trust me when I say: you need it, too. For $170—not too bad—you get a treatment that, I would say, feels more like three separate relaxing therapies that when combined, created the most relaxing evening I’ve had since…well…I can’t even remember when. One, you get scrubbed. Two, you shower off. Three, you get re-hydrated with a massage. But grab Jackie for your treatment at the Spa, and each treatment feels like one step closer to heaven. The exfoliation portion felt like a massage itself, but left my skin feeling brand spanking new. Even the shower was delicious. Rinsing off in the cozy atmosphere made me never want to get out. When I did, though, it was beyond worth it. The massage was next, and Jackie is a brilliant masseuse. After a quick feel in the eucalyptus steam room and a glass of wine in the relaxation lounge, I was like a little puddle of happiness leaving the Ritz. 

Experience it yourself by making an appointment at 214-922-4820. You won’t be sorry. (photography at left by Maxine Helfman)


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