Trend Watch Dallas: Ruffles








Do you know why I love this Karlie dress from Hemline? No, not just because it’s only $98.95 but because the ruffles make it soft and feminine while the gold straps and orange hue (trust me, it’s orange) evoke sexiness – the perfect mix. This cuuuute “Dianna” wedge (on sale on for $39.99) would look awesome with it. Or, if you want to add some sass try the Wild Pair “Shawna” heels. Too much? I love these Jessica Simpson sandals too. Note: If you choose gold shoes though, do NOT carry a gold purse too. Try something in nude, tan or white.  I really like the multi-metallic Nine West clutch above which will work well if you pair it with some non-metallic neutral heels.


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