The Self-Tanner Saga Continues With Xen-Tan, Bliss, Pur Minerals, Clinique and Tan Towels

tanLast summer I blogged about my favorite self-tanner. Read about it here. Currently, I am in the midst of trying out several new ones and so far one of the best is Xen-Tan. Raya already sung (well, wrote) it’s praises so I won’t go into details because she pretty much said it all. Aside from Xen-Tan, Bliss’ “A Tan For All Seasons” spray wasn’t bad – quick drying, decent smell and nice color. I like sprays beacuse they seem to go on evenly however they are always so cold on my skin! Oh well, I can take it for the sake of vanity. For those of you who like to keep it au natural, the chemical-free Pur Minerals “Get a Little Self-Tanning Lotion” was excellent. As usual, I checked for color, ease of applicaton, smell, and drying-time, and this one passed almost all the tests except for the smell. I didn’t love it but again, it’s all give and take and if you want something that is “pure” this one is great in every other way. Clinique Self-Sun spray is another winner. The color is very light though so if you’re looking for a subtle tan this one is for you. The Tan Towel was easier to apply than any of the others. I thought that when I pulled it out of the packaging it would be a big brown mess of gunk but au contraire. It was pure white and looked as if there was nothing on it! However, this one is very light too so you’d probably want to use a few to build the color up. For ease of application though I give it an A+. I still have others to try so stay tuned to ShopTalk for more self-tanner reviews in the coming months.


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