The Rich are Different – They Live on The World

theworldsmNot in the world, on The World. It’s  like a floating Ritz Carlton that sails around the world  all year long, hitting every exotic destination you can or cannot imagine, and you can get off anywhere you please.  Buy your own apartment – bargain basement prices start at 3 mil.  For 1300 square feet.  Unfinished.  My friend Neal Stewart is doing one now,  he had to gut it for the new owners.  There are 100 apartments, never all occupied and they have 300 waiting on you – I wonder how many room service trips you can order in a day.  Of course, HOA runs about $500,000 so you’re not getting off easy with that 3 mil.  It’s going to take alot of my pay checks to save up for this one, but I really need to – there are so many places I want to go.