Girls’ Guide to the World – Sign Me Up!

travel1Wouldn’t it be great to get information about travel destinations all over the world from your best friend? She understands your taste, your likes and dislikes, and your preferences because well, she’s the same way. A fantastic  new web site IS that best friend!  Girls’ Guide to the World provides travel information like accommodations, restaurants, shopping, drinking, pampering and playing for discerning, stylish women like us. (Yep, you and me. We can’t help it. We have great taste.) Choose from over 100 cities around the world and read “unbiased, insightful tips for women, by women.” I’m going to sign up so I can be in the loop. Men don’t know what we want. Women do. And GGTTW is on it!


  • Jenny

    Awesome, I love the site. What a great idea. It’s about time someone started a Girls’ travel site – wish I had thought of it!

  • Georgia

    Thanks Kristen! Great recommendation. I just checked it out and will be using it for sure.

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