Friday Giveaway: Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick

guerlainrougegSo, we’re talking Mr. and Mrs. Smith style gear here. If, during the movie Angelina Jolie had ever whipped out a lipstick instead of a gun, this would have been the one. It’s sexy, seductive, and seriously expensive looking. But Guerlain Creative Director Olivier Echaudemaison says that’s the point. He wanted a mysterious design that “united the qualities of a powder case, a jewel, and the most precious lipstick,” so he teamed up with expert jeweler Lorenz Bäumer to create this baby. The case is a bit of a mystery to operate—I guess the mysterious design was successful—but you’ll be amazed when you pull the lipstick out and the mirrors pop open. (For a demo, click here.) You can even have your case customized by engraving. As for the formula, it’s extravagant, too, containing ruby powder, liquid mother-of pearl, and glass microbeads for interacting with ultraviolet rays and reflecting light. I don’t know about all of the chemistry behind this ‘stick, but I can tell you Rouge G has a creamy, moisturizing feel with a vibrant color application. The 25 shades, each of which retails for $45, are all named by the letter G: Grenade, Gabrielle, and Gipsy, for example. We’re giving away a gorgeous red, appropriately named Geisha. Click my name (Raya Ramsey) to enter. Good luck!

*Update: Congrats to Sandra for winning the Rouge G!