Sport Eco-Chic Eyewear This Earth Day

linkskin-glasses-at-occhiali-modern-opticsSo you think you’re “green,” do you? You bring your own bag to the grocery store, you recycle, you never print e-mails unless you absolutely have to. Well, what about your eyeglasses? Yeah, that’s right. If you really loved planet Earth, you would go to this, then you would stroll over to Occhiali Modern Optics and pick up a pair of LinkSkin glasses. The European eyewear developer uses recycled materials in the lenses, temples, and face of its products and uses a manufacturing process that reduces energy consumption and hazardous waste. They even make their cases with recycled plastic. Best part? When you switch over to LinkSkin, you can drop off your old frames at Occhiali to be reused by those in need.


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