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Running in Heels: The Finale – Ashley Goes Insane


Ah, parting is such sweet sorrow. The final episode of Running in Heels has come and gone. But thank goodness that Tivo exists so we can rerun Ashley’s breakdown over and over and over. That girl is a serious bitch. She throws out any negative opinions she has about the person she is speaking with like they specifically asked her to tell them what she hates aobut them. But first, let’s get to the story. Blah, blah, blah – the girls work a party. Ashley, being her pushy, obnoxious self, makes Sam mad but it all turns out fine in the end.  The next day at the office Ashley complains about having to help the staff get ready for their big swimsuit photo shoot in Mexico. Correct me if Im wrong but isn’t that her JOB? Each of the girls is given a different task. Ashley’s is to buy four duffel bags for the stylists to pack all their necessities in for the shoot. They only give her $100 though and one duffel bag, she finds out, is $65. After the salesperson stops laughing at her for wanting four for $100 he says he has some defective ones she can buy. The problem here though is her judgment because the bags to begin with are hideous. They are patterned with incredibly obnoxious animal prints. On top of that, she ends up buying defective ones because that’s the only way she’s going to get as many as she needs with the money she has. Doesn’t New York City have a luggage store on just about every block? Was this the only option? I think not. But apparently, Ashley thought so.When she gets back to the office and presents them to Jeremy he is clearly unhappy. He explains that a stylist cannot show up at a shoot with such horrible pieces; that it will make him look bad. But at this point they have no choice… Nice one, Ash. During this conversation though, Jeremy mentions that he heard that one of the interns is going to get to go to Mexico to assist at the shoot. Of course, Ashley runs to tell Talita and Sam the good news. When Zoe approaches the interns and informs them that Sam has been chosen to go  (partially because she is a Spanish major) Ashley lets out a really immature laugh which seems to imply that their decision was ridiculous. After Zoe leaves she says, “Sorry, that was my automatic response. I mean obviously, no offense, but like I should be the one going. I definitely know what I’m doing and it’s a big deal and I feel like it’s irresponsible of them to take a risk like that.” A risk like what? Taking Sam? This girl has no filter. Her mouth just spits out whatever nasty thing she’s thinking. After Sam leaves the room Ashley adds, “It’s going to be a disaster…she’s talentless. It puts a smile on my face at how pathetic she is.” Can you spell bitter? Damn, girl. Get a grip. Later however, an assistant gets sick a day before the trip and has to cancel so Zanna and Joanna decide to also send Ashley. Talita is bummed but is surprisingly mature about the whole thing. I just realized that the rest of my notes are pretty much all horribly rude and insensitive comments made by Ashley so I’m going to finish recappng the show and the just list them for you. It will be worth it. I promise.

So they go to Mexico and have a few screw ups but overall do a good job. Back in NYC Joanna asks Talita to help her with a story which Talita ends up doing a great job on. Go, T! I liked her better in this episode. I don’t know if it was because she acted like a normal, mature human being or because Ashley was so unbelievably unlikable that she made Talita look better. Either which way, the girls all meet with Joanna for their final evaluations. Sam isn’t right for editorial work but is perfect for PR so she is told to contact them when she graduates in a year. They want Talita to be their Los Angeles contributing editor. Both girls are thrilled. And now, the part we’ve all been waiting for, the piece de resistance – Ashley’s review. Don’t you just love it when people get what they deserve, when life is fair, when “what goes around comes around” actually proves to be true? Sorry, Ashley but you need a big dose of reality and you got it. Joanna basically tells her that her ambition is admirable but she lets it get in her way. She doesn’t need to be elbowing everyone else out of the way to get where she wants to go. She needs to learn to work with people and not against them and if she doesn’t fix that she will never get to where she wants to go. HA! How’s that? Succinct and said oh so eloquently. Go, Joanna! Of course Ashley is devastated. The show ends with the girls leaving their apartment, belongings in hand, while some sappy pop song about moving on  or new beginnings or growing up plays in the background. But don’t be too sad. You still have Ashley’s quotes to read! Now the fun really begins.

To Sam re: going to the Mexico shoot: “I have the patience of a 2-year-old and I’m not going to be there to like hold your hand through this.” Um, who asked you to? You saying that makes you sound like a 2-year-old.

Critiquing Sam’s performace at the shoot (unsolicited, of course): “I feel like you could have like had more of a fire under your ass to be honest. Like you could have stepped it up a little bit more. If that’s your best then that’s not good enough.” What the? Who says things like that? She’s like Debbie Downer’s mean, nasty sister, Ashley A**hole. Haha, or Ashole.

To Talita upon returning home from the trip: “I don’t know if you could have handled some o f the stuff that we had to do.” Where is this coming from? Is she insane?

To Joanna and Zoe during her evaluation: “I came into this internship thinking I knew a lot and it was hard for me to start out steaming clothes and going on coffee runs but I never lost sight of what I wanted to do.” Way to get in good with them, Ashley. Tell them you’re a spoiled brat. As if they couldn’t see it for themselves…

After Joanna said Ashley elbowed people out of her way: “I’ve never pushed anyone out of the way to get what I want.” Haaaaaa! She’s kidding, right. She has to be kidding.

In response to Talita telling her she’ll be ok (despite her bad evaluation): “No, I’m NOT, Talita.” I wonder if she knows there’s starving children in the world? And handicapped people. Get some perspective, sister.

To the camera: “To see someone less competant than me (Talita) get offered a job is a knife in my heart. No, I’m not going to be ok.” I wonder if the insane asylum she’s in allows visitors…