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Running in Heels – Episode 7: Ooh, Sex!


Well, sex talk anyway. Except for Sam. She’s keeping her mouth shut, which is probably smart since she is on tv and would be spilling it to two catty bitches. This week the girls were asked to help with the Love & Sex stories. They each were supposed to come up with one, be it their own or someone else’s. Overall, it was a disaster. Sam interviewed a girl at a sex shop which Joanna said was too cliche, and who knows what Ashley was thinking when she wrote about a gay man’s escapades. Which of MC’s readers did she really think could relate to him? Lucky for her, Talita had a story from her past (all 24 years of it) that they loved (but never really explained clearly on the show). Time out! OMG! I just went to the MC site to read Talia’s story and post the link in this blog and all I can say is OMG! What the? Is this girl a total tramp or what? A 37-year-old doctor she doesn’t really know, parading around in lingerie… Wait, I’m giving it all away. Read it here and then come back. I’ll wait…

Are you as shocked as I am? Is she a hooker? I mean, she didn’t even try to slowly work up to the sex part. She just jumped right in. Ok, I must move on but know that the little respect I had for Talita to begin with is gone. Or maybe I’m just a prude.

Aside from that whole story line, not too much happened. Sam’s dorky looking boyfriend visited. It’s not really fair of me to call him dorky. Maybe he’s very sweet. They did look really cute together. He just has a really bad haircut that does nothing for his cool factor.

One night the three girls go out on the town together. Did I miss something? I thought Sam and Talita pretty much hated each other. I guess when the producers make you live in the same apartment you have to at least pretend you can stand to be in the same room together once in a while but having a girl’s night out was just odd.

As far as I’m concerned the best part of the show was toward the end when Ashley freaked out about Joanna not liking her sex story. Here are some quotes you’ll want to remember forever:

Talita tries to compliment Ashley’s story and Ashley snaps, “I don’t want to talk about mine. Thanks. I”m a bitter bitch when things don’t work out. You can’t get ahead if you accept failure. Like, I’ve never accepted failure in my life. I’m cocky and I’m sorry. That’s how I am. I can’t help it.” Wow. Uh, yes, you can help being a sore loser. You better learn to deal with failure missy or you’re never going to make it through life let alone this internship. Talita is “thrown back” by Ashley’s rant and states, “She’s very selfish and jealous of me.” The show ends with Ashlely saying, “I want to punch a wall.” Maybe if we’re lucky she’ll use her head and knock some sense into her bratty self.