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Running in Heels – Episode 5: The Sh–‘s About To Hit The Fan


Am I justified in feeling bad for Samantha? Unless there is something the producers aren’t showing us (which is entirely possible) I don’t think she deserves to be treated so badly by Talia. But, I also want to smack her on the head for bitching to Ashley about Talia since the two of them seem to be BFF’s now. Does she not realize that anything she tells Ashley will get right back to Talia? I don’t blame Sam for having some bad things to say, and for being frustrated, but don’t lower yourself to Talia’s level. Just keep it to yourself. First though, maybe I should back up and tell you about the show. That would probably help.

The episode opens with the three girls sitting at their desk (which is basically a table they all share). Talia purposely pretends that Sam isn’t even there and talks only to Ashley. The two of them begin oohing and aahing about each other’s outfits which was really annoying, especially because they were ignoring Sam. Zoe comes in and gives each their assignments for the day. Sam gets the short end of the stick. She  has to stay and move boxes while Talita gets to go to the Banana Republic show with editor-at-large, Joyce and Ashley gets to go to a shoot with Zoe. Sam says she’s fine with it because she’s been able to do a lot of fun assignments in the past which to me, is a great attitude.

At the Banana Republic show we find their new designer, Simon Kneen has created a long sleeveless white trench coat – not sure how I feel about that… His other looks are great though and with the new designs he was able to keep the price points about the same as they’ve always been. Phew! Talia takes notes while Joyce interviews Simon and is told later that she did a great job which kind of bums me out because Talia is being unnecessarily mean to Sam. While Sam is moving boxes of paper, Talia brags to her about her second assignment of the day – to take notes while Joyce interviews Susan Sarandon and her daughter about a line they love called Contoir des Cotonniers. Talia clearly only talks to Sam to boast. I mean, she doesn’t have to like her but to rub things in her face and talk down to her is just outright rude. To make matters worse, Talia begs Jeremy to let her borrow something from the fashion closet for the Susan Sarandon interview because she is dressed to casually for a red carpet event. He hesitates and tells her they never do that (do we believe that?) but he will make an exception for her. “I feel like Cinderella,” Talia says to Sam after showing her the Carolina Herrera dress she gets to wear. Rub it in some more, T. Meanwhile, Zoe is freaking out at the shoot because the photographer is an hour late and the hair and make-up people are lost but it all comes together in the end. Ashley seems to be in the middle of the chick drama but tries to keep quiet for the mostpart.

Later, Sam is so upset about the Talia situation that she vents to Sergio who suggests they discuss over dinner. (Is he trying to make a move on her?) Sergio says to talk to Talia which Sam does. However, it ends up being a complete waste of time. Nothing was settled. They just called each other out on things and walked away hating each other more.

Like last week’s episode, the best part of the show were the quotes. And this week Talia wins the bitch award. She has so many doozies that I can’t even write them all but I’ll give you a few highlights. Can’t wait to see if the producers can wrap this series up with a happy ending.

Talia: “Sam’s just not at our level,” and “I don’t have any respect for Sam so I just don’t have anything to talk to her about.”

Talia says to Sam after telling her about the Susan Sarandon assignment, “Have fun picking up your boxes.”

Talia about Sam, “She makes me want to vomit,” and “I’m just so fed up with her. I hate talking to people that just like aren’t at my same level.”

And to end the show: “Sam’s just a total joke.” Oh Talia…