Q&A With Expert Makeup Artist Napoleon Perdis

napoleonperdis_makeupfaceNapoleon Perdis, makeup artist to Australia’s Next Top Model girls, stopped by ULTA Saturday to offer free makeup consultations and expert advice.  If you missed the event, follow the jump. I had the chance to sneak in a few quick questions about getting a flawless face, adding a little color to your beauty routine, and keeping your makeup on during the hot summer months. To purchase Napoleon Perdis products, visit an ULTA or go to www.napoleonperdis.com.






napoleonperdis(us) What are three products a woman shouldn’t have to live without and why?
(Napoleon) Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-foundation Primer – my primer can act as a moisturizer as well as freshen up the skin, act as an anti-irritant and also prepare the skin for your makeup to glide on and last all day.
Napoleon Perdis Long Black Mascara –  the eyes are the window to the soul, and mascara instantly defines and maps out the face, acting as an instant pick-me-up, like your morning coffee!
Lip gloss (try the Napoleon Perdis Gloss Patrol in DALLAS!) – I believe that mascara, gloss and primer complete a perfect fresh look.

You give celebrities and models a flawless face and natural glow. How can we get that look without a makeup artist?
In three steps:
1. Go to a beauty store you trust and have an artist show you easy tips and tricks that you can replicate at home.
2. Always apply mascara as your  first makeup step to wake up the face and follow by using foundation only where needed, acting like a concealer.
3. Use the Napoleon Perdis Light Patrol wheel as a makeup emergency essential and glam wheel all in one. This palette acts as a highlighter, bronzer, contour, blush and gives the illusion of flawless skin.

When warmer weather rolls around, a lot of women want to experiment with more colorful makeup (blues, violets, etc.), but are afraid they’ll wind up looking like a clown. What are your suggestions for adding a bit of color with class?
I have three suggestions.
1.        Keep it simple and start slowly!
2.        Use color as a wash of color rather than focusing on intensity. Use a buildable approach, little by little. Start with colored eyeliner then maybe move on to colored eyeshadow, and play with the intensity as you feel more comfortable.
3.        Blending is extremely important! If you are applying bright shadow, make sure to blend with a makeup brush to achieve a flawless look.

Can you describe your Auto Pilot Step 1-2-3 Pack?
The Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Steps 1-2-3 is a water-based skincare regime that maximizes hydration, minimizes fine lines, and leaves your complexion feeling nurtured and nourished. The three step beauty kit blends water technology with nanotechnology. Nanocapsules deliver active ingredients, such as Vitamin C, E, B1, B2 and B6 to the deeper layers of the skin, heightening their anti-ageing and antioxidant properties. After a few weeks of use, skin appears luminous and youthful.

Why is this a part of your line?
I wanted instant to provide women with an anti-ageing skincare and maintenance skincare program in three easy steps that was efficient and hassle-free. I love Japanese technology and worked hard in developing this amazing formula.

Any advice for Dallas women and their makeup in the heat?
Using the Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pore Minimizer and Mattifier is essential! In this heat, you do not want to keep powdering your face constantly to make makeup cake, however, you want to look matte and fresh at all times. This product can be used over makeup and is AMAZING to preserve your makeup in the heat!


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