Pass or Fail: Icebreaker Cocktale Party Cups

The Icebreaker Cocktale Party Cups are fill-in-the-blank cups with editions for every occasion. Four feature event-specific schooners that fit for a girls night out, wedding, sporting event, or birthday. The other four are any-occasion cups that say things like, “I’m gettin’ my ______ on,”  “It’s not a party till ______,” and “Hello, I’m _____” (pictured). In the right crowd, there’s potential for some major funny. (Feel free to show examples in the comments. The best mad lib will be crowned in next week’s results.) In the wrong crowd, eh, not. Each $18 set comes with eight 16-oz. dishwasher-safe plastic cups and one permanent marker. They can be purchased at Pogo’s Wine & Spirits in Inwood Village Shopping Center. What says you? Pass or fail?

Last Week’s Results: Tassi = Pass! What we learned: Women do like to keep their hair outta there.


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