Nude Night Oil Surprisingly Not Oily

ns1222I’ve long been a fan of oil as a moisturizing agent for my skin. It’s very spa-y to me. But oils do tend to leave you, well, oily—at least for a good amount of time. Nude‘s Replenishing Night Oil is the first I’ve used on my face, and I must admit I was skeptical. Why would I, with normal to oily skin, put more oil on my face? I tried it anyway. And it is really great. Really, really great. It goes on as you expect an oil would—very smooth and even—and almost immediately it is absorbed by the skin, leaving a silky texture. I love instant gratification. After applying I did have a bit of a shine, but who cares when you’re pillow bound. Then you wake up a silky soft, dewy version of yourself. Two manicured thumbs up from me. Find the Replenishing Night Oil and other Nude products at Barneys.


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