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Make Money Recycling at Dr. Delphinium


dr-delIn honor of Earth Day, April 22, Dr. Delphinium encourages everyone to check out the “Going Green” section of their web site for tips on how to keep the planet clean and healthy for us all. In addition, and this is my favorite part, they’re offering a $10 credit to their store for every five vases you bring in to them (what they don’t use, they’ll recycle). It seems everyone always has extra vases lying around (I know I do) and Dr. D came up with a great way to rid yourself of them and make a little dough on the side. I mean, what red-blooded woman doesn’t want a credit to a florist? We don’t need men to buy us flowers. We can buy them for ourselves! In the words of some of the most brilliant speakers of our time, The Spice Girls, “Guhl powah!” So clean out those cabinets and take part in their recycling program. But remember to save one vase for the flowers you’ll be buying with your $10 credit.