I Wuv Waxing the City

You may have heard about Waxing the City here, so I won’t bore you with a repeat of all the wonderful details about the shop (like the no-tipping policy!). I just wanted to back Steph up and tell you about my experience. I called first thing this morning, and within the hour I got a call back and was able to set up an appointment for this afternoon. Advantage: WtheC. My appointment was a 1:00, at which time I walked into the bright space, filled out my paperwork, and was escorted to a treatment room. Ten minutes later, voila! Beautiful brows and no ‘stache. Then to the counter, where my bill was $25. That’s right. $25 for a brow and lip wax combo. Unbelievable. I’m very happily hairless. You will be too. I wuv you, WtheC.


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