Hats, Hats & More Hats: A Mad Hatter’s Recap

cmhatsToday I had the pleasure of being a judge for the 21st Annual Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at the Dallas Arboretum. The theme this  year was “Under the Cherry Blossoms”, so many sported hats topped with Asian-inspired designs and cherry blossom twigs. There were so many wonderful and whimsical hats that it made judging quite difficult. One of the best hats (which won the “Thematical” category) featured a tall-standing pagoda and was donned by D’Andra Simmons, who just so happens to have been one of our 10 Most Beautiful women in Dallas. Speaking of hats, my fellow judge and master milliner, Cassie MacGregor, loaned me one of her clever creations for the event (I am not typically a hat person, but I must admit after today, I am very tempted to wear them more often…it’s amazing how an article of clothing can put you in a good mood) and when I went by her studio to pick it up I spotted these (pic at left) great tie-dyed toppers that are currently available for sale at V.O.D. Follow the jump to see a photo of the judges (Cassie MacGregor, Shane Walker, Niven Morgan, Tiffany Divis, and myself) today pictured with the lovely Yvonne Crum and Jill Rowlett, who’s hats were both fabulous!_



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